OCDT aims to :-
  • be a leading personal development, business advisory, training and development  services provider for individuals  and  small to medium size enterprises; providing  quality  products  and services to international standards that add value to community.

  • be recognized as a dynamic,  value  based  training  and  development agency, operated by a skilled motivated and committed management and training facilitation team, capable of ensuring that our participants break through to excellence in business and personal performance.


The mission  is to create a competitive, customer focused, employee driven organization by, providing quality products and services in a safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive manner, whilst recognizing our obligations to our clients.

To realize this goal, the OCDT will continuously strive to maintain a position as a premier training and development services provider. Our services will be executed through facilitators who are constantly evolving to achieve their highest potential and are empowering others to do the same. This will not only result in increased productivity but also in the enhancement of personal effectiveness and enterprise efficiency.


We  embrace the philosophy that our passion for encouraging positive impacts in the world can be realized by offering services to others through a conscious, heart-aligned business approach that will ignite positive transformational change in others  which will promote peace, goodwill and successful living for all those whose lives are touched.

We believe our love of people and our passion to serve in order to live a purposeful life and to assist others in living theirs, will sustain us in whatever activities we chose to express this passion. Consequently our business services are designed to reflect this philosophy and in the pursuit of these services we will transform our lives and those we serve so that we can all live our best lives.


Quality assurance is an important success factor for OCDT. Bench marking standards are set from international best practices. Coaching, Mentoring and Training services and materials produced by our trainers have met the standards practice tests, are monitored and evaluated periodically by select quality assurance staff,  to ensure professionalism, standards accommodation and application in the training facilitation and implementation processes .All Coaches, Mentors and Trainers must first undergo an intense week of familiarization training, while event facilitators have to then go through a boot camp on the essentials of workshop design and delivery.

Meet Our Adminiatrative & Training Coordination Staff

Raeshelle Morris

Program Manager, MA (Leadership), B.MOS (Hons), PMP, Dip. Business Administration, Certified Leadership Coach Practicioner (CCP)

Email:- ocdtraining @gmail.com

Roshan Morris

Administrative/Mentoring Support- Peer Counseling and Youth Mentoring Support Services

Diploma in Adult Psychology; Pursuing a  B.Sc (Hons) Psychology (Specialist) ; Certified Recovery Coach Practicioner (CCP).


Claudia Wright

Administrative Officer ; BBA Degree; Certified PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant)
Licensed Realtor;Certified Seniors Coach Practitioner (CCP)


Tabi Moazzam

International Student Recruiter

is known as a highly successful entrepreneur, enthusiastic philanthropist, immensely passionate image aficionado, and a vastly experienced fashion connoisseur. Tabi is an immensely enthusiastic philanthropist and a humanitarian who loves working for the welfare of those around her., CEO of Glam & Glit, Director of Expressions Event and Promotions, Owner of Emirates Fashion Week, Partner of Smart Cities of Pakistan, Board of Director TK Connections and is a credential part of WEF Women Economic Forum and the ALL Ladies league. Tabi is an ambassador of MAC – Mississauga Arts Council  Toronto, ON Canada.