Customized Training Package

Customized Courses, Workshops and Seminars


These training sessions are delivered our expert panel presenters, on-site  through scheduled seminars and workshops directed to groups within businesses or agencies, OR 1) as part of a workshop series OR 2) seminar series. OR 3) a Conference Event. The Topic Areas may be grouped and presented.

Please check our News and Events Page to see schedules of training workshops and seminars and conferences in your area.

OCDT-01   –   Assertiveness Training for Women in Business

OCDT-02   –   Compassion and Spirituality in the Management of Business

OCDT-03   –   Developing the Employer-Employee Alliance for Business Success and Sustained Productivity

OCDT-04   –  Ethics and Compassion in Business Today: The New Critical Success Factors In Business Profitability and Sustainability

OCDT-05  –  Strategic Review, Planning and Management for Not-for-Profit Enterprises

OCDT-06  –  Governance and Policy for Not-for-Profits

OCDT-07  –  Strategic Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Not For Profit Agencies

OCDT-08  –  Fund Raising and Sponsorship for Non-profit Agencies

OCDT-09  –  Strategic Review, Planning and Management for Public Sector Agencies

OCDT-01  –  Strategic Review, Planning and Management for Private Sector Agencies

OCDT-11  –  Valuing Diversity, Understanding Demographics And Changing Consumption Patterns-

OCDT-12  –  Valuing Diversity And Understanding Demographics In The Production Of Goods And Services

OCDT-13  –  Emotional And Spiritual Intelligence In Business Decision Making

OCDT-14  –  Ascending The Ladder Of Success: Mindscape And Strategy

OCDT-15  –  Building And Branding Your Corporate Culture For Success

OCDT-16  –  Strategic Usage Of Changing Communication Patterns And Media In Sales And Marketing

OCDT-17  –  Communicating To Sell

OCDT-18  –  Managing Executive Power For Growth And Profitability

OCDT-19  – Leadership On The Cutting Edge-

OCDT-20  –  Mentoring For Business And Professional Leadership

OCDT-21  –  Valuing Youth Talent And Innovation In Business Development And Sustainability

OCDT-22  –  Understanding The Social Aspect Of Business Success

OCDT-23  –  Harnessing Public Policies For Business Expansion –

OCDT-24  – Computer Proficiency Course for Seniors (Information Technology)

OCDT-25 – Introduction to Computing (Information Technology)

OCDT-26 –  Management Information System (Information Technology)

OCDT-27- English as a Second Language-(ESL)

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