Onsite Development Training

Onsite Development Training

OCDT offers Onsite In-House Training at Clients ‘ Place of Business in :-
  • Business Consulting , Advisory and Coaching

       (Target groups- micro and small business owners)

  • Executive Coaching

      (Target groups-entrepreneurs in the micro and small business owners;

      business leaders, managers)

  • Physical Planning and Community Development Training (modular)                                                                                             (Target groups- independent individuals and staff of physical planning,

        land-use planning, sustainable development,land development and design agencies and community development foundations)

Areas of Focus in OCDT  Onsite Technical Training Services in Physical Planning and

Community Development Training .

  • Planning, Environmental and Community Sustainable Development Training

  • Land use Planning for Sustainable Development Training

  • Integrated Community Development Planning

  • Strategic Review and Planning.

  • Strategic Review and Planning for Not-For Profit Enterprises

  • Community Development Governance and Management

  • Integrated Community Development Planning

  • Housing Development Policy, Planning  and Strategy,

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