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Our Train the Trainer Coach Training Program

Train to be a Certified Coach Practitioner!

At OCDT interested persons can study to become a Certified Coach Practicioner in the any of the following niche coaching areas:-

  • Parent Coaching

  • Youth Empowerment Coaching

  • Retirement and Seniors Coaching

  • Women Empowerment Coaching

Training and Certification

At OCDT we will train and certify you in any of the above areas as a Certified Coach Practitioner to allow you to open your own business to help these target groups of persons thrive and prosper. Training will deliver the toolkit and strategies for you to practice. Following this first step you may wish to continue towards full professional development training as a Certified Professional Coach,  Certified Professional Leader and Certified Professional Negotiator, with OCDT’ strategic alliance partners as follows:-

Rationale for OCDT Niche Areas for Certified Coach Practitioner Training.

At OCDT, we feel that there is a critical need to re-think and deliberately re-shape the socialization/nurturing processes for the new generations of the 21st century and beyond that will love peace , harmony and respect for humanity and the environment that sustain life. These new processes of socialization must be able to remove the double standards that lock gender roles in specific boxes based on stereotypical roles accepted as societal norms.

Some of these norms contribute to vulnerability issues confronting youths and children. Violence, low achievement, lack of mental preparedness for success,  the confrontation between genders, the suppression of the growth of innate passions, gifts and talents that could lead to an abundant, spiritually connected and fulfilled life seem to describe current nurturing and socialization processes. Children are forced to wear masks that hide their true and authentic selves.​

Inter-generational Relationship Challenges

Some of the critical questions facing community, youth, parents, schools and other caregivers are :-

  • What do we do to enable our children and young people to liberate the true self?

  • What is the role and impact of family and cultural values in the nurturing process?

  • How do we raise resilient children and youth?

  • How do we reduce inter-generational conflicts within the household so that our young people can thrive and prosper and parents and grandparents are able to balance the transfer of traditional social and moral values in a safe and operative and non-confrontational manner to their of-springs?

  • How do we restore  family values, relationships and respect for all members of the household?

  • How do we give our children and youth a voice in determining the pathways of a successful life befitting of their passion purposes.?

  • What is the impact of multi -cultural environments on the social development of the youth?

  • How to find common grounds and truths from our cultural diversity, to promote  a socialization process for the shared common purpose of humanity, and one that will describe a common understanding of the culture of peace,  harmony and compassion,  that will sustain humanity well beyond the 21st century?


Are you an individual who is concerned about ensuring that the Millennial generation is successful in life? Are you a parent, caregiver, social worker, counselor, teacher who has a passion for coaching children and youth into becoming successful adults  and global citizens, who will promote a culture of peace and unity? Are you committed to ensuring that children and youth grow up to live sustainable and harmonious life and one of purpose, true to their passion?

Come train with us!

1. Certified Parent Coach Practitioner Training Program

Parent/Family Coaching

  • Our Certified Parent Coach Practitioner Training will help the Practitioner to  guide parents to :

    • Restore broken relationships between children and parents; between and among siblings and between members of the extended family.

    • Help their children and youth to develop self-esteem and self worth

    • Help their children and youth manage emotions

    • Help their children and youth to manage conflicts within the family

    • Help their children and youth to learn and use strategies for handling deviant behavioral issues

Our training focus will also prepare you for :-

  • Coaching parents for living a life of abundance

  • Coaching parents for raising conscious children who will live successful lives

  • Coaching parents in recognizing and helping children to discover and grow the innate skills, passions and talents they were born with.

  • Coaching parents into discovering and dealing with the potential and real impacts of external communities of persons (school, churches, residential communities, peer groups, extended families sports and cultural clubs)  on the socialization of children.

  • Coaching  parents through family struggles and crisis with children and teenagers.

  • Coaching parents through parental struggles in marriage and adult relationships,  that have adverse implications for children’s well being.

  • Coaching parents to deal with the impacts of parental separation and divorce on their children​

Youth Empowerment Coaching

Would you like to help young people thrive and prosper, realize their dreams and develop resiliency?

  • Our Certified Youth  Coach Practitioner Training will help the Practitioner to  guide the Youth to :

    • Restore broken relationships with peers, parents; between siblings and between members of the extended family.

    • Help youth to develop self-esteem and self worth

    • Help youth manage emotions

    • Help youth to manage conflicts within the family

    • Help youth to learn and use strategies for handling deviant behavioral issues.

    • Help youth identify their passions, talents and special gifts

Youth Empowerment Coaching is designed to assist young people between 12 and 29 years, to get them mentally prepared for success in  academic, career and life so they can live a more fulfilled life now and well into the future.

The Youth Empowerment Coaching Program will assist youths to acquire knowledge and skills to improve assertiveness, set academic, career and life goals, increase self confidence and self worth. Youth Empowerment Coaching will also help them to deal effectively with social, emotional, peer-to-peer and parent-child  relationship issues. Such coaching will assist them to identify practice strategies for dealing with those issues; identify their life goals and to define and map the path to success as they see it.

OCDT provides  trainees with tool-kits and strategies to help the Youth Coach Practitioner to develop the competencies for engaging  the youth in discovering, defining and planning the pathways to success. We prepare trainees to work with two groups i.e, the 12-19 years old  and 20-29 years old. The following are the areas of coaching and training focus:-

1. Youth Coaching Program (12-19 years)

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Dealing with Anger

  • Dealing with Bullying

  • Intergenerational Relationship Building-A Practice Strategy

  • Improving Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Worth

  • Social Responsibility-1 (Teaching the Power of Compassion,

  • Empathy, Gratitude, Kindness and Love).

  • Who am I :Discovering Me-More than my Physical Body

  • Meditation and Listening Skills-Building listening skills

  • Visualization

  • Mental Preparedness for Success.

2. Youth Coaching Program (20-29 years)

  • Assertiveness and Self Branding Training

  • Cultural Diversity and Tolerance Studies

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Citizenship and Governance

  • Communications and Social Media

  • Dealing With Bullying

  • Ethnicity,  Self- Awareness and Belonging

  • Ethics and Morality

  • Health and Wellness

  • Identifying and Growing personal  Passions, Talents and Gifts

  • Improving Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Worth

  • Intergenerational Relationship Building-A Practice Strategy

  • Mindfulness Skills for Stress Management

  • Meditation and Brain Training

  • Mental Mapping and Visualization of The Pathways to Success ​​

Retirement and Seniors Coaching
Sometimes our seniors and retirees are called upon to be grandparents/caregivers and so are very instrumental in the children/youth socialization and nurturing processes. At the same time they have to deal with issues relating to the aging process and adjustment to life beyond work.

Our Retirement and Seniors Coach Training Program provides training  for dealing with the entire aging process, assisting you to help your clients in defining and planning this next stage of your life,  in managing the adjustment to retirement, identifying second careers or new passions for a purposeful and abundant living, building a loving relationships with others, as may be necessary or required for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

You will be able to help your clients to understand that their life does not end with retirement! But that life beyond retirement is to be planned and lived fearlessly. It can even be more amazing because they have wisdom and experience gained long the journey thus far,  to guide them  to plan consciously and strategically for an even more focused and passion purpose living in the golden years!

At OCDT, we will train you to help your clients to understand that retirement is another stage in life’s  journey that  they have to plan for and to live it to the fullest. We help you to help your clients  to understand  that retirement living offers the best chance of living  in the present moment, letting go of the past,  except for those wonderful memories of past events that inspire and give them joy. We help you to assist them to identify who they are at this stage of life and to discover strategies to navigate life changes in a positive man


You will be able to help your clients  to discover :-

  • Who they are now

  • The new life purposes and goals for retirement living.

  • When and how to transition into  retirement.

  • The passion and talent they have to share and to help them  enjoy retirement.

  • How to live a more  balanced life in retirement.

  • How to improve their mental and physical health.

  • How to overcome unexpected challenges, such as loneliness and isolation.

  • How to overcome  limiting beliefs that block their success, happiness and peace of mind.

  • Strategies to help them live successfully in the present.

Certified Women Empowerment  Coaching Training
We at OCDT see women as playing a critical role in raising the future generations and we understand that they often have to find balance between the parenting/motherhood role and the demands of work in business and professions.

We will train you as a Certified Women Empowerment Coach Practitioner,  to help your client overcome their personal struggles coping with life stressors and to  design their personal action plan for success. You will have tools to help them to live sustainable and harmonious lives, with more love, peace, harmony, prosperity, happiness and success.

We will teach you strategies to help your clients focus on the following   areas to find the answers they seek, to successfully deal with:-

  • Personal relationships

  • Self-love

  • Discovering the authentic self

  • Positive mindset

  • Goal setting

  • Increased income

  • Increased joy and passion

  • Increased self confidence

  • Creating life abundance

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Getting rid of limiting beliefs

  • Building Self Confidence, Self Esteem

  • and Self-motivation

Contact us for course related information at:- or tel :-1-647-869-9400

We thank you for your consideration